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Jocole skirts and Whimsical Fabrics

I have been buying a lot of my fabric from Whimsical Fabric. Over that time, I have chatted with the owner, Danielle, about everything from what the kids are doing, to fabric choices. It has become a great resource for both of us! A few weeks ago, she posted on her group page asking how customers felt about the Wacky Wednesday bundles she posts. it was a mixed basket of answers, from “I don’t have the funds right now” to “It’s too spring-like for the season”. I answered with “I sometimes have trouble seeing the fabrics as a finished product.”  This of course came up in a conversation later that day between Danielle and I. So I offered to buy the featured fabric ahead of time and sew up something. So this is my take on this Wacky Wednesday fabric. The fabric line is Wiltshire Daisy by Carina Gardner.


When I fist saw these fabrics, I immediately thought of the Jocole 6 panel skirt (on the right above).  As I was going through my patterns, I came across the Drop and Twirl Circle skirt (on the left above). As my daughter is just about out of the girls sizes, I decided to sew up one of each.

I bought a 1 yard bundle (4 fabrics=4 yards) and had just enough of the patchwork to cut the circle skirt (i had less than 5 inches left!), I have roughly 1/2 yard of the stripes and the floral and just over 1/2 yard of the dots. Both skirts are a size 14 above the knee cut.


I love how vibrant the colors are! the fabric is just gorgeous to sew with!

IMG_3456 IMG_3466

I rarely get to sew for Sister (as she is affectionately called) anymore, as she sews her own items these days! So the fact that she loves these skirts make them so special for me! She helped with fabric placement for both skirts and with the styling for her pictures.


She is growing up so fast!


She decided that the skirts had enough red that she could pair them with some winter themed shirts, tights, and some legwarmers and she is set for some holiday parties…if she doesn’t outgrow everything before December arrives!

Be sure to check out the Whimsical Fabric group today, quantities are limited on this beautiful fabric!

For patterns be sure to check out Jocole!

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